Nicholas Goodden

Shepherd's Hut Restoration in Dorset

Nicholas Goodden
Shepherd's Hut Restoration in Dorset

This was always going to be a little bit mad. An urban photographer based in London for the past 18 years suddenly moving to the country and driven by some unknown force to restore a 19th Century Shepherd's Hut.


Well... before we delve into this shepherd's hut restoration in Dorset let's rewind a little and give you some background.


I was raised in France in a tiny French village and there I played with tools and timber on a daily basis in my dad's workshop, to keep myself busy and at the same time this taught me DIY skills or at least some foundations (mostly hammering nails).

Once an adult, this bucolic life had to be put aside for a "required" "normal" life in the city, to develop a career and this was not such a bad choice. Indeed I climbed the career ladder to end up Head of Sales and Marketing for a Singaporean hotel group while on the side dedicating 10 years becoming a professional photographer and working with pretty huge brands.

But I never lost sight of this dream life in the country. I worked patiently for 18 years in London, never truly buying into the ideal of progression and constantly wanting more money... Then one day, me and my wife Chrystall were finally ready to make the move.

The move came about in October 2017, I had always said I'd never turn 40 in London, and stuck to my word.

My family being originally from Dorset and having been born in Sherborne, we decided to move just there. And on the land my family owns... there was a derelict shepherd's hut, slowly decaying, almost as if waiting for someone to give it some love.

And this project came about, on an impulse I decided to teach myself a new life skill, learn project management on the way, and show that relic some love.

Life is about challenging yourself to do things you never thought possible.

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Whether you believe I'll succeed or possibly fail, it'll without doubt provide some entertainment in the coming months...



Nicholas Goodden aka Nico is a London/Dorset based pro photographer and writer, co-founder of Great Things To Do.

He regularly produces visual content for international brands (including Adidas and Peugeot) and his work has been published in over 70 international publications such as TimeOut, Huffington Post and Creative Review.

Digital Marketing is his big strength with over 100,000 followers on social media backed by kick-ass content he creates.