Nicholas Goodden

To Be a Kinder Photographer

Nicholas Goodden
To Be a Kinder Photographer

We decided to launch Great Things To Do at a crucial time in our lives.

After 18 years living in London and working for others, Chrystall and I have moved to the country, Dorset to be precise, with one main purpose: To Do Great Things.

Doing great things at first can seem like we only refer to activities but in truth we are also looking at changing our lifestyle. 

We want to be better, kinder people who do great things.

One thing I've been wanting to put right for a long time is this couple I photographed back in 2009.


I was walking across Ladbroke Grove, an area of London famous for it's proximity to the Notting Hill Carnival and tragically... Grenfell Tower.

Walking in the street past their garden I saw this couple and had to take their photograph.

Sadly, I then kept walking. 

A few years went by and this very photo became one of my most popular ones, even winning an award at the International Street Photography Awards.

But the knowledge the couple at least half-responsible for this photo wasn't even aware of it just wasn't right and it bothered me.

So in July this year I decided to make it right.

I posted a tweet, really not entirely convinced it would get anywhere.


And it took only 24 hours for Twitter to find them. I was blown away.

Since then I have found out more about Roy and Rose. Yes they had a name.

Sadly Roy passed away three years ago and I wasn't too sure how the family would react to my photo.

What a relief to then receive these emails from their family:

"We don't have many (photos) of them together in there later years - so it really does mean a lot. Seeing that makes me remember how dad was before he got ill & the image of them sitting in the garden with the little coffee cups watching the world go by brings a massive smile to my face. Sometimes you forget the good times. I showed mum the photo last night & she loved it.
I mentioned as well that you'd like to send her a copy & she truly would be thankful, as I say it was there 43rd wedding anniversary last Monday."

At the end I sent them five A4 size prints of this photo to share. Look at Rose, I think we can say it made her happy:


I'm so glad I could make this right and make a few people happy with my photography.

Great Things To Do had a positive start.






Nicholas Goodden aka Nico is a London/Dorset based pro photographer and writer, co-founder of Great Things To Do.

He regularly produces visual content for international brands (including Adidas and Peugeot) and his work has been published in over 70 international publications such as TimeOut, Huffington Post and Creative Review.

Digital Marketing is his big strength with over 100,000 followers on social media backed by kick-ass content he creates.