Nicholas Goodden

London Street Photographer Iwona Pinkowicz

Nicholas Goodden
London Street Photographer Iwona Pinkowicz

You may know it or not, but before launching Great Things To Do, we lived in London. I'd been there for 18 years, shooting the city for 10.

My speciality was urban photography and street photography. This led me to be hired by clients and big brands such as, Land Securities, Amazon, Adidas, Peugeot and lots more.

But enough about me. 

I met Iwona, who's now become a really good friend, a few years back via Twitter as she began her journey into photography and goodness me she has developed to become such an excellent photographer.

Iwona's speciality is street portraiture. So while I spent most of my time photographing people candidly (though I did shoot street portraits), Iwona made it her speciality to stop people in their tracks and ask them if she could photograph them.


Iwona has since been an official photographer at Glastonbury but that's no surprise since her work is just awesome.

Watch this interview with London street photographer Iwona Pinkowicz where we discuss her journey into photography and general tips to improve as a photographer.

Please also make sure you visit Iwona's website and subscribe to our channel!

Nicholas Goodden aka Nico is a London/Dorset based pro photographer and writer, co-founder of Great Things To Do.

He regularly produces visual content for international brands (including Adidas and Peugeot) and his work has been published in over 70 international publications such as TimeOut, Huffington Post and Creative Review.

Digital Marketing is his big strength with over 100,000 followers on social media backed by kick-ass content he creates.